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Staurolite III (acrylic block)

Staurolite III (acrylic block)

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Staurolite III (Block) 

2024. By Davis Studios for Kitschen Art. 

4 x 4 x 1 inch.  High-quality acrylic glass block, for stand-up display or to lay flat as a paper "wait." Includes shipping, rubber bumper pad feet, and gift box. Signed verso. Small limited edition.  

Since paper is always lying around on desks waiting to be worked on, we're calling these "paper waits."  Ronald's original digital work is fused under acrylic glass, ready to hold down papers or simply to enjoy as a simple, elegant object. They're also great for birthdays, prizes, or just to look beautiful.

Small, affordable Kitschen Art works are special trinkets to hang on any wall or to display on a special shelf. 

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