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Kitschen Art

Blue Diamond Jack

Blue Diamond Jack

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Pixeldust Mini - Blue Diamond Jack, 2021 

By Barbara Davis for Kitschen-Art 

5.26 x 7.1 inches. Original iPad painting, fused onto acrylic glass, mounted on aluminum Dibond. Signed and ready to hang anywhere, or mount as a fine art magnet on the fridge or other steel surface. Small limited edition. 

Jack Black is our studio guardian, ace mouser, and fierce protector of our yard. He walked out of the high desert mesa and into our kitchen one night – having obviously been dumped – and very politely announced to us that he wanted to be adopted. We agreed, and today, when he is not lounging and watching TV with us, chasing grasshoppers, or busy hunting pocket gophers, he is happy to pose for us.

Barbara Davis is a graphic designer and digital artist, using an iPad to paint and draw ordinary everyday objects, cats, and landscapes. 
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